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10 Wedding Planning Tips No One Tells You

Planning your wedding asks a lot more than the necessary requirements and decorations. These tips will help you with planning your wedding in a better way, which are only known among the most successful wedding planners in the world.

Be clear about the budget

Although it is your big day and you want to make it the best in the world, it is very important that you let the planners know about your budget before moving ahead with the plan. Discuss the budget with them as well as your family to leave no misunderstanding in the planning, so you do not disappoint yourself later.

Planning needs your contribution

Planning a wedding is a job for wedding planners, but you are the centre of the occasion and your involvement matters a lot. You should sit with your partner and make get creative for your big day. Come up with ideas that you can share with the planners to prepare for your marriage in a better and exciting way.

Planning needs

Try out DIY projects

Get your friends and family together and create your own plannings. Take suggestions from everyone on what can be done for decoration and what events they would like to take place at your wedding. Projects like origami or making special cakes for limited guest is something to start with.

Do not drag your decisions

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a theme, the flowers, music, food, etc. The more time you spend in going through them all and procrastinating about them, the less time you will have later to make good decisions. Try to make early decisions to know a rough estimate. You can always switch plans later once you have everything sorted.

Start planning now

Hopefully, you are not searching for the tips in the last few months left for your wedding. It is highly suggested that you have at least 12 months to plan your wedding, if not even more than that. You could start deciding now about how you will like your wedding to take place even if you proposed your love till now.

Make seating chart early

You should be clear on who must be present at your wedding and who wouldn’t mind for not getting invited. Start making seating arrangements so that you do not stress much about it later.

Be open for suggestions

It is your big day, and your family members and friends must be equally excited about it. Your father and mother must be equally involved in the event and always keep space for their ideas and wishes. But, remember that you cannot go above your budget to fulfil everyone’s wishes. Also, do not let your ideas die in the process of listening to everyone.

Give time to your guests

Keep some time between your ceremony and reception to have a fun time with your friends and family. Get involved in a party with everyone and let them take fun pictures with you as later they might not get a chance.

Spend time together

Take a bottle of wine and sit together to listen to each other’s wishes and values each other’s decisions. Be sure to communicate with each other properly, so both of you are happy.

Get your RSVP numbered

Write numbers on your RSVP and note those numbers in your  guest list so that if someone forgets to write their names of RSVP, you will know from the numbers which it was intended for.


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